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Anacapa can support your entire organization with state-of-the-art, web-enabled solutions for document imaging and management, workflow, email management, and data storage management. Our world-class solutions deliver fast, impressive returns on investment by reducing technology costs, boosting user productivity and minimizing corporate risks.

Partnership with OTG

Our partnership with EMC and the WebExtender family of products enable organizations to achieve new levels of efficiencies by giving them access to content via the web:
    • Retrieve, view and manage content using standard browsers
    • Enable e-business or e-commerce applications by giving them access to content via the web

Anacapa's Web Based Features

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    • Provide global access to information, whenever and wherever it is needed
    • Securely share information with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners
    • Reduce costs associated with paper distribution, including printing, copying and shipping
    • Internet/Intranet Access to Content
    • Comprehensive Content Display and Processing
    • Robust and Flexible Security
    • Fully Integrated with Content and Storage

Online Services

Your Information is Always Available: Anytime, Anywhere!

“The ultimate business recovery system”

You're about to change the way you manage your organization. Introducing Anacapa Online Services - A 100% Internet solution that gets rid of that mountain of paperwork. And since Anacapa is a 100% Internet solution, you can be up and running within hours, not months. In fact, you can start inputting data within 24 hours.

Anacapa Online Services gets rid of the mountains of paperwork both archive and newly generated documents. It's scalable and keeps your employees happy because they're not being buried in paperwork.
    • Internet document repository services with 24/7 secure access through Web browser.
    • System support programs, technical assistance and training for all products we sell.

Safe and Secure

Your documents and information is more secure than standard paper and traditional filing and warehouse storage facilities.

Protected by IS West's Online Services: Anacapa’s partnership with IS West provides our customers with a proven infrastructure that delivers mission critical reliability all-day, everyday.

Your information is safe and secure;
    • Monitored & guarded 24/7 facility
    • Emergency power generators systems
    • Redundant servers and facilities
    • Guaranteed internet bandwidth & performance
    • Managed by a staff of world-class engineers.

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