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Anacapa is a technology-based provider of scaleable document management systems—from small offices to large enterprises. Anacapa Imaging proudly represents the EMC family of advanced XtenderSolutions software products which offers you a complete product suite for promoting the effective use of information across the enterprise.

XtenderSolutions support your entire organization with state-of-the-art, web-enabled solutions for document imaging and management, workflow, email management, and data storage management. XtenderSolutions deliver fast, impressive returns on investment by reducing technology costs, boosting user productivity and minimizing corporate risks.

Which OTG Product Do You Need?

OTGStorage Solutions to manage your data overload

Content Solutions help you access the information you need most, immediately

Messaging Solutions allow you to track, store and retrieve all electronic messages across your network

Storage Solutions

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EMC’s scalable, media/network-independent approach to data storage helps you manage data more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. The XtenderSolution family of storage products allows organizations to leverage existing storage assets and reduce system complexity by creating a virtualized “infinite disk” with potentially unlimited capacity. XtenderSolutions for Storage allow you to optimize storage capacity while providing immediate access to ALL of your information, regardless of its location.

Content Solutions

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Content Solutions XtenderSolutions for Enterprise Content Management helps you maximize the value of your business information. By providing intelligent access to all content – imaging, document management, COLD/ERM, and workflow – XtenderSolutions for ECM boost user productivity while keeping information accessible for the long-term through tight integration with XtenderSolutions. This single, cohesive system facilitates collaboration across the enterprise while providing a universal interface to all electronic content.

Messaging Solutions

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Messaging In order to manage the increasing volume of data generated by messaging systems, EMC has developed XtenderSolutions for Messaging, a suite of products designed to make leading messaging systems easier to administer and use. XtenderSolutions for email management automatically captures all messages and attachments in one location and generates a full-text index so users can search for the specific information they need via Web browser or email client.

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