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Partial list of clients include:

Federal, State and Local Governments:
State of California
U.S. Dept. of Defense
County of Los Angeles
County of Ventura
City of Mammoth Lakes
County of Riverside
City of Santa Clarita

Southern California Orthopedic Group
Scripps Institute
Los Angeles Dept. of Health
Syncor Corporation
FACEY Medical Group
CMI Radiology Servcies
PHM Medical Services
County of Ventura Medical Services
Pacifica Surgery Group

Business & Industry
Chicago Title
Warner Bros.
British Broadcasting Company
First Fidelity Title
BrietBurn Energy
Tosco/Phillips-66/Union Oil
MWH Engineering
Affinity Bank

Legal & Courts
County of Riverside D.A.
Calif. Attorney General
Ventura Police Department
Lewis, Marenstein and Wicke
Rose, Klien & Marias
Ventura County D.A.
Oxnard Police Department
Kozdin & Fields
San Luis Obispo D.A.

Anacapa Imaging’s team has been serving the needs of many government and industry clients for over a decade. We service clients in:
    • Healthcare
    • Federal, state and local governments
    • Business, Insurance, Manufacturing,
        Financial services
    • Legal and Courts


Anacapa Imaging has been providing innovative document management systems and solutions to the healthcare industry for nearly a decade. Anacapa Imaging has managed many projects involving thousands of patient charts and records and delivered cost effective solutions for the entire life cycle of patient records. Most recently, Anacapa Imaging has adopted its Internet document repository technology for the healthcare industry. Just as easy as sending an e-mail, healthcare professionals can now instantly view a patients record, from chart information to MRI’s, for referral or billing purposes through Anacapa Imaging’s secured internet system.

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Anacapa Imaging has been assisting civic entities across the nation, for nearly a decade, developing and delivering document management solutions for a wide scope of applications. From simple paper and microfilm conversion to complex enterprise-wide workflow systems, Anacapa Imaging has provided local and federal agencies with the support to address growing challenges and to meet strict documentation and workflow requirements.

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Anacapa Imaging provides world class business automation systems that have demonstrated success in greatly improving business processes while opening the doors to significant competitive advantages. Anacapa Imaging specializes in comprehensive applications and solutions including Anacapa Imaging’s business process re-engineering systems utilizing the power of the Internet, allowing clients to easily integrate the flow of information to support decisions and tasks with employees, customers and vendors.

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During litigation, an attorney’s greatest challenge (and most powerful weapon) is the management of volumes of case related documents, and quick retrieval of documents in real time, under pressure.

Anacapa Imaging has developed programs designed specifically for litigation support to revolutionize litigation. Every shred of paper, every document, or filing associated with a case may be accessed in a matter of seconds with a keystroke.

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